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iOS 5 BETA Version 2 Direct Links.

Hey guys do you know that iOS 5 BETA version2 is now available for download Click on the Links below to find iOS 5 for your devices.

Download iOS 5 Beta 2 (Direct Links):

Top 5 Features of Mac OSX Lion

Mac Lion was launched in WWDC 2011 and this looks like the best ever from Apple. With over 250 new features Lion is a major leap in the world of computing. It will be available as an App Download from the Mac App Store for $29.99. The best features in the new OS are

1. Mission Control – We liked spaces and Expoz but with Mission Control we get a better view of whats happening in our MAC. Its simple fast and effective. Mission Control is a bird’s eye view of whats happening in your MAC. Browse to any tab, application, video, photos etc with just a click. Moreover you can create and edit several mission control areas.

2. Airdrop – When Macs are close magic happens, no more pen drives to transfer your DATA. With airdrop you can simply share your files and folders with other mac users over the WI-Fi. The interface looks neat and is really fast and easy to use.

3. Full Screen Apps – With the new full screen apps feature you never ever have to compromize on your spaces. iPhoto was displayed at WWDC 2011 and it simply looked gorgeous. With the flick of a gesture you can automatically return to your desktop.

4. Autosave – Save button is no longer there in Lion. All your work are saved automatically and you can even visit previous version using a gorgeous looking interface. Its so cool that you feel like travelling back in time.

5. LaunchPad – get iOS like feeling when you browse your Apps in Launchpad. Make folders, arrange Apps, and see beautiful animations when you purchase a new App from the App Store. Launchpad is cool and brings iOS features in the MAC.

Mac Lion LaunchPad

These are the top 5 features of the  new MAC OSX Lion that is expected to release in July.

WWDC 2011 LiveSteve Jobs despite his bad medical…

WWDC 2011 LiveSteve Jobs despite his bad medical conditions arrives to deliver the opening keynote for Apple WWDC 2011. Great applause among crowd reflects his popularity.

WWDC 2011 Hypes Up.

The WWDC 2011 is on 6th. All rumors will soon find their real critic, the show itself. We saw how the WWDC 2011 got their first hype a few months ago when the tickets sold out in few hours. Tickets went for sale as high as $5000. The hype for Apple is not surprising as people simply cannot resist to see the appearance of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs founded Apple but was kicked from his own company years ago. He then found another Company called NEXT set to destroy Apple. Steve Jobs is the main highlight of WWDC 2011.  People loves the fact how Jobs present WWDC every year , indirectly insulting other companies. Last year Jobs made fun of Google Android and Samsung galaxy tab.

This year the WWDC 2011 will be held in the Moscone Center(San Fransisco). People are talking about the new iCloud service. Although the iPhone 5 is delayed but that does not stop apple enthusiasts from attending the event as Apple has some major announcements to make.  iCloud, Mac Lion, iOS 5 and plenty more. What do you think guys will Jobs surprise everyone once again with launch of iPhone 5 on 6th June. Comment below.

Top features of the iPhone 5.

The much talked about iphone 5 finally has some confirmed features. The phone is expected to be released this september and the entire tech world is eagerly waiting to find out what Apple comes up with. Hoever there are certain rumors and assumptions that gave a confirmed report of some of the  new features of the iphone 5.

1. Big Screen – 3.5 inch is great but not anymore, because every high end smartphones is coming up with bigger screen sizes. So why not apple.

2. Front HD webcam – the front facing camera will be HD just like the new macbooks. This means that we can now share our favourite moments in HD via facetime and much more.

3. Full HD recording – To keep up with stiff competition with the mobile market Apple has to include full 1080p recording through their back camera.

4. Even Sharper and Clear display – This is probably the biggest rumor. The display for the new iPhone 5 will be OLED and support a resolution much higher than the iPhone 4.

5. 4G Enabled – We have already seen some of the latest handsets from HTC and Samsung that are 4G enabled. With the release date of iPhone 5 set at September, the phone has to support 4G for even better experience with the web.


The above picture shows the concept design of the iphone 5 compared to the latest iPhone 4. With the  new features mentioned above the new iPhone will again lead the industry for quite some time before it takes other mobile carriers to come close.

iWork for iPhone and iPod Touch nwo available

Apple just launched their new iphone and iPod version of the All famous iWork suite. Pages, numbers and Keynote are available at a price of $9.99 each. iPhone and iPod Touch versions are very simple to use and you can also sync your Mac and iPad work to these devices. Export your work from your iPhone to any other device. Its really cool how Apple gave its users this very much wanted service to these two devices, now the circle is complete and you can access your work from all Apple devices except the simple iPod of course.

Download Here: Numbers, Pages, Keynote .

WWDC Snow Leopard Update

This WWDC 2011 Apple will  announce the formal release of their new OS Lion. The OS is mainly aimed at integrating  Apple iOS features in the MAC. Previously we have seen the demo by Apple where they showed Features like Mission Control, full screen Apps etc. Lion will also be faster and feature greater integration with the All Popular Mac App Store. But we also got rumors that the Os will have a lesser boot speed and support 128 bit applications. Apple really has high expectations with this OS. Most of the BETA releases were much appreciated by the developers and now it’s up for the consumers to find out what Apple has to offer. With the iPhone 5 out of the picture we should see WWDC 2011 filled with Lion events.