What Do You think about the WWDC 2011…

What Do You think about the WWDC 2011 thats starting from 6th June. With the delay of the iphone 5 i wonder what Apple will unveil next. Maybe Mac OS Lion. What do u suggest will be the main attraction of WWDC 2011


There is a reason why Apple OS like…

There is a reason why Apple OS like Leiopard, Snow Leopard is considered virtually virus free. This is because the registry in Apple works a little bit different than in windows. In Windows we have a single uniform registry which stores every aspect of our computing. So when a virus attacks a Windows PC affecting the registry the entire System is affected.

But in Apple OS things works differently.They have what we call a segmented registry. That is, individual registry for separate applications. So when a virus attacks a certain Application affecting their registry it is contaminated only within that application registry and the whole system is unaffected. This is a brillant piece of computer science from Steve Jobs and explains why Apple OS is so fast and much more optimized than Windows.

Really feeling sorry about the Foxconn fire plant…

Really feeling sorry about the Foxconn fire plant incident that killed 3 workers with several others injured

The New iphone 5

The new iphone 5 is coming and it has given a date of 21st September. It is going to have bigger screen and packed with loads of features. The LG optimus 2 and Samsung Galaxy s 2 are now the market leaders but iphone 5 will soon change everything. Just wait till Apple shows off their new camera and HDMi port. They will have an even better screen and much bigger resolution. Images will be more crisp. The iphone 5 will ship with 4G features, accoridng to some sources in verizon. Check this section as we will update you with more news and updates.