WWDC 2011 Hypes Up.

The WWDC 2011 is on 6th. All rumors will soon find their real critic, the show itself. We saw how the WWDC 2011 got their first hype a few months ago when the tickets sold out in few hours. Tickets went for sale as high as $5000. The hype for Apple is not surprising as people simply cannot resist to see the appearance of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs founded Apple but was kicked from his own company years ago. He then found another Company called NEXT set to destroy Apple. Steve Jobs is the main highlight of WWDC 2011.  People loves the fact how Jobs present WWDC every year , indirectly insulting other companies. Last year Jobs made fun of Google Android and Samsung galaxy tab.

This year the WWDC 2011 will be held in the Moscone Center(San Fransisco). People are talking about the new iCloud service. Although the iPhone 5 is delayed but that does not stop apple enthusiasts from attending the event as Apple has some major announcements to make.  iCloud, Mac Lion, iOS 5 and plenty more. What do you think guys will Jobs surprise everyone once again with launch of iPhone 5 on 6th June. Comment below.