iOS 5 BETA Version 2 Direct Links.

Hey guys do you know that iOS 5 BETA version2 is now available for download Click on the Links below to find iOS 5 for your devices.

Download iOS 5 Beta 2 (Direct Links):


Really feeling sorry about the Foxconn fire plant…

Really feeling sorry about the Foxconn fire plant incident that killed 3 workers with several others injured

The New iphone 5

The new iphone 5 is coming and it has given a date of 21st September. It is going to have bigger screen and packed with loads of features. The LG optimus 2 and Samsung Galaxy s 2 are now the market leaders but iphone 5 will soon change everything. Just wait till Apple shows off their new camera and HDMi port. They will have an even better screen and much bigger resolution. Images will be more crisp. The iphone 5 will ship with 4G features, accoridng to some sources in verizon. Check this section as we will update you with more news and updates.